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Easy & Flexible Login & User Authentication

Give your users an app they would love, featuring easy and fluid authentication features, one tap login, signup and signout all within the app.

Login session management that reduces the hassle of signing in multiple times on one device, 2-step authentication to keep account safe amongst other robust features.

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Robust & Streamlined Taxi Booking, Ride, & Auto-Fare Calculation

Super fast taxi availability search engine with geo location and geo fencing integration built with realtime map indices. Users can see live drivers on their map and track their movement before, during and after rides.

Robust auto-taxifare calculation based on location, demand volume and other factors leveraging on artificial intelligence and neaural networks. The best prices that suits everyone.

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Secured & Flexible In-app & Cash Payment Methods

Give your users the flexibility they need with various in-app payment options featuring credit card payments, paypal, bank transfers that gets auto remitted to drivers accounts after each ride.

Do not leave cash payment out. A smooth direct cash payment option to drivers directly with options of app usage fees remitted from drivers accounts after each ride.

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Personalized In-App Experience: Wallets, Past Rides, Bookings & More.

Allow your users access past transactions, past payments and view past rides, leave reviews for drivers and also riders, measure performance with past rides metrics.

Gie your users the flexibility they need. An in-app wallet where they can manage their taxi expenses, profile update and settings and lots more!

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Easy-to-use Drivers App Interface.

Give your taxi drivers an app with fluid and easy to navigate features. Recieve incoming ride requests, accept rides, move to pickup, start rides, in-app map navigation and geo-direction integration and lots more!

Streamlined drivers verification system, eligibility validation, vehicle inspection, drivers wallet managemnet and lots more!

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One Dashboard Stay In Control!

Get a centralised dashboard to control all in-app functions such as all past and ongoing ride operations, payment transactions, app walleting system, and track progress with metric evaluations and statistical charts.

From your dashboard, approve drivers applications, activate or deactivate users, assign administrative roles, create new geo-fencing locations and do a lot more. All from your dashboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of your questions here. Contact us for more assistance

The answer is “it depends on the work”. We have built applications in $999, to get a custom quote for your work, kindly call us at our toll-free number.

It gets decided after calculating the number of hours & technicians that are required to complete the work.

It depends on the application your are looking to develop, a typical application gets made in 30 business days.

We work with 100% confidentiality. You may sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with us to be rest assured.

Yes, we do. We are open 24/7 for technical support.

Yes, we are.

No, you don’t need to. We charge in between 10% to 30% in advance to start the work. You would be paying as per the milestones set on the mutual agreement.

That will be you. We will give you the source-code as well.

We schedule Zoom calls every 7 days to keep you updated about the work.

Yes, we do have a 100% money back policy.

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